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3 pc(s)
Atlas Scientific is on a mission to make high-quality sensors for environmental monitoring available to everyday hackers and makers. All of their kits are easy to calibrate and connect to your microcontroller-based project. There are basically two easy ways to measure oxygen dissolved...

$7.50 $15.00  
6 pc(s)
The slide switch is a small and convenient way to turn your creations on and off. It uses a sturdy plastic lever to switch back and forth. Try it with any of your favorite Bits, like the DC motor or bright LED! Documents : Tips & Tricks Schematic Dimensions :...

$10.50 $21.00  
3 pc(s)
The littleBits split module sends a single input to two wired outputs. It's great for connecting one output to two inputs, like using a keyboard to control two oscillators. But keep in mind that it can be used just like a wire module if you ignore one of its outputs. Dimensions :...

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5 pc(s)
Think of the threshold as a toll booth for signal passing through your circuit. The threshold compares the incoming voltage coming from the bit snapped before it against the voltage amount you’ve set by the threshold knob. If the incoming voltage value is greater than the selected voltage, the...

$7.50 $15.00  
4 pc(s)
The toggle switch Bit is sturdy on/off switch that you can use to activate your creations with a nice, solid click. Try using it after a USB power Bit as an on/off switch for your whole creation. Documents : Tips & Tricks Schematic Dimensions : 20(H) x 77(W) x...

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7 pc(s)
Connects a Lightning iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the console port on Cisco networking gear. It is also compatible with other brands of networking equipment that use the same style of console port. Designed for use with the "Get Console" app available on Apple's "App Store". The...

$59.90 $69.90  
29 pc(s)
This is the very popular 2.4GHz XBee XBP24-AWI-001 module from Digi. The Pro series have the same pinout and command set of the basic series with an increase output power of 60mW! These modules take the 802.15.4 stack (the basis for Zigbee) and wrap it into a simple to use serial command...