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SGBotic EduFun Rover User Guide

SGBotic EduFun Rover is an Arduino based robotic platform. It is designed for learning Arduino programming, basic robotics and sensor integration. The guide below will cover hardware assembly, wiring, driver installation and creating Arduino program using EduFunRover library.
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Digital Weighing Scale Kit (5kg)

Overview The Digital Weighing Scale Kit is designed to measure weight up to 5kg. It includes a load cell of 5kg, and an amplifier module that interfaces the load cell to micro:bit. In this tutorial we will walk you through the steps to connect the Digital Weighing Scale Kit to micro:bit, and use our MakeCode extensions to calibrate and take weight measurement. Install Scale Extension Before we start to create the program, we need to install the MakeCode extension for the scale kit. In MakeCode editor, go to "Advance" -> "Extensions", enter the link below in the search bar and click on search button: https://github.com/SGBotic/pxt-SGBotic-scale Proceed to click on "SGBotic-scale" to compete the installation. A...
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ubit:connect Interfacing Board for BBC micro:bit

Overview The ubit:connect Interfacing Board is designed to offer an easy way to connect sensors, actuators and other circuits to the micro:bit. The board comes with an 0.91" OLED display to allow developer to display information such as sensor data. The ubit:connect provides access to all the I/O pins on the bottom edge of the BBC micro:bit. All of the pins have been broken out, allowing access to I/O lines, button A / B, LED matrix, SPI and I2C bus. Separate pin headers are provided for I2C bus at the bottom of the board for easy identification and connection. For those who prefer to use crocodile clips, five ring connectors are provided at the edge of the board. Both female sockets and male headers are provided for I/O strip, 3V supply,...
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