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Solenoids are a great way to induce linear motion for pushing, pulling or controlling switches and levers. According to the datasheet this solenoid is rated for 36V but they work like a charm at 12V. With a throw of 10mm these solenoids are great for all kinds of motion applications such as...

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This vacuum pump really sucks! This pump operates at 12V and has enough suction for most small projects. Features: 12V motor 12W operation 1/4" barbs 0-16" Hg vacuum range Documents: Dimensional Drawing Spec Sheet

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Move fluid safely from here to there with this very nice little pump. Unlike most liquid pumps, this is a peristaltic type - the pump squishes the silicone tubing that contains the liquid instead of impelling it directly . The upshot? The pump never touches the fluid which makes this an...

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This is a pan/tilt bracket designed specifically to work with the robotic claw MKII that we sell. It comes with all of the hardware you need to connect it to the claw and even includes the 'tilt' control servo. Panning can be controlled by attaching a medium servo to the bracket milled into the...
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