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The PhidgetRFID Read-Write reads RFID tags that are brought in close proximity to the reader and returns the tag identification number. Writing data to T5577 tags is also supported. For a list of compatible RFID tags that we have available, see the Compatible Products tab. RFID (Radio...

The FlexiForce Adapter makes it easy to interface a Tekscan FlexiForce Force Sensor to your microcontroller or PC. Just use the cable included with the adapter. We even give you a round plastic disc for the sensing pad. The FlexiForce sensor is an ultra-thin and flexible printed circuit,...

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The PhidgetEncoder Highspeed 4-Input interfaces with any 5V quadrature encoder. A quadrature encoder is the most commonly used feedback device for a DC or stepper motor. With an encoder, you can keep track of how far your motor has turned, which then allows you to control the position and...

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Phidgets are a set of "plug and play" building blocks for low cost USB sensing and control from your PC. All the USB complexity is taken care of by our robust API. Applications can be developed quickly in .NET, Visual Basic, VBA (Microsoft Access and Excel), LabView, Java, Delphi, C, C++ and...