Power Supply / Voltage Regulator

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The AnyVolt 3 Universal DC-DC Converter is an adjustable step up / step down 3A switching regulator. The output is adjustable from 3 to 24V. The output voltage is set with a small screw potentiometer on the back of the AnyVolt 3. Once the output voltage is set, it does not matter whether input...

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This Breadboard Power Supply Module plugs directly into a solderless breadboard and provides both 3.3V and 5V power directly to the breadboard power rails. The board accepts 7 to 12V DC input via the barrel jack or 5V via the mini-B USB port. It provides two regulated, fuse protected outputs...

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The DE-SWADJ is the adjustable version of our SW0XX step down voltage regulators. It is designed to be the easiest possible way to add an adjustable voltage source to a new or existing project with all the efficiency benefits of switch-mode power. The DE-SWADJ is pin-compatible with the common...

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The DE-SWADJ 3 is a larger version of our DE-SWADJ adjustable step down voltage regulator. Previously it was necessary to put multiple DE-SWADJ units in parallel to achieve ratings over 1A, which was bulky, expensive and carried with it a considerable increase in dropout voltage. The DE-SWADJ 3...

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Negatron is a buck-boost converter that takes a positive voltage and turns it into a negative voltage that you can use with amplifier circuits and more. The output is adjustable from -1.3V to -12V. Negatron is also able to step up/step down the magnitude of the voltage. For example, you...

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This is the official USB Type-C Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. This is a wall adapter with a USB Type-C Connector that fulfills the 15.3W power requirements of the Raspberry Pi 4. It can also be used for other devices which require up to 5.1VDC and 3A. Features: AC 100-240V...

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The SWADJHV is the a high-voltage edition of our popular DE-SWADJ adjustable switching reulators. It is designed to accept an input voltage ranging from 5-60V, allowing you to power a variety of applications from extremely high-voltage sources. The SWADJHV is pin-compatible with the common 78XX...

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You can use this power adapter with your appliance/equipment from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Asia... or other countries that you want to plug into the local wall power outlet. Note : This power adapter does not contain a transformer, its not going to transform 120VAC to 220VAC or vice...

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High quality switching 'wall wart' AC to DC 9V 1A wall power supply manufactured specifically for portable electronics devices. These are switch mode power supplies which mean the output is regulated to 9V (no more 14V outputs! ) and the capable output current is much higher (1A!)....
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