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This MP3 Module is built to make audio sound integration easier than ever. The module supports 8kHz to 48kHz sampling frequency MP3 audio format. It features a 3.5mm audio socket and supports Tx/Rx interface. MP3 and WAV files are stored on FAT16 or FAT 32 formatted, up to 32GB micro-SD...

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This new revision of the MP3 player shield retains the awesome MP3 decoding abilities of the last version but adds the storage functionality of the SD card shield. Now you can pull MP3 files from an SD card and play them using only one shield, effectively turning any Arduino into a fully...

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Make some noise with your next project! The MP3 Trigger board is built to make it MP3 sound integration easier than ever. The board has 18 external trigger pins that will directly trigger pre-selected MP3 tracks, and a full-duplex serial control port that provides full transport control,...

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The Spectrum Shield enables your Arduino with the capability of splitting a stereo audio input into 7-bands per channel. You can then read the amplitude of each channel using the ADC on your Arduino allowing you to control everything from LEDs to motors, pumps to relays, or even fire, all...
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