Buttons / Switches

Keypad - 12 Button

SKU: PRO-00077

A basic 12 button keypad for user input. The buttons are setup in a matrix format. This allows a microcontroller to 'scan' the 7 output pins to see which... More
9 Unit(s)

Mini Push Button Switch

SKU: COM-00078

Miniature Single Pole Single Throw switches. These are high quality momentary on switches. Perfect as a tactile reset switch. Mounts directly into standard... More
16 Unit(s)

Momentary Push Button Switch - 12mm Square

SKU: COM-00589

Sparkfun Electronics
This is a standard 12mm square momentary button. What we really like is the large button head and good tactile feel (it 'clicks' really well). This button... More
63 Unit(s)

Reed Switch

SKU: COM-00164

This is a small device called a reed switch . When the device is exposed to a magnetic field, the two ferrous materials inside the switch pull... More
25 Unit(s)

Rocker Switch - DPDT

SKU: PRO-01590

This switch is about the same size as our right angle rocker switch except that it’s double-pole double-throw. It’s rated for 10 Amps at 125VAC... More
10 Unit(s)

Rocker Switch - Medium

SKU: PRO-01591

The rocker switch is a classic and this one is a great size for an unobtrusive on/off switch. It can be panel mounted and has two tabs for connecting wire.... More
20 Unit(s)

Rocker Switch - SPST (round)

SKU: PRO-01592

This little round on/off toggle switch is rated up to 10A at 125VAC and can be panel mounted in a 20mm diameter hole. It’ll also look pretty slick in... More
10 Unit(s)

SPDT Mini Power Switch

SKU: PRO-01594

Simple SPDT slide switch. Rated at 30V/200mA. The pins have .1" spacing - fits great into a breadboard! Use it as a power switch or general control switch.... More
19 Unit(s)

SPDT Slide Switch

SKU: PRO-01593

This is a simple SPDT slide switch - great for use as an ON/OFF button, or just as a general control switch. The pins are spaced by 0.1", however they are... More
24 Unit(s)

Tactile Button Assortment Pack of 12

SKU: COM-01349

These tactile buttons are great for all sorts of projects. This assortment comes with 2 of each of 6 different colors for a total of 12 buttons. The... More
7 Unit(s)

Thumb Joystick

SKU: COM-00303

This is a joystick very similar to the 'analog' joysticks on PS2 (PlayStation 2) controllers. Directional movements are simply two potentiometers - one for... More
7 Unit(s)

Toggle Switch

SKU: PRO-01589

This is a heavy duty SPST toggle switch - your basic on/off toggle. Rated for 2A at 250V or 4A at 125V. Includes a face plate and two threaded nuts for... More
16 Unit(s)